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Looking good

Shrub availability. A selection is shown below

Ilex Crenata

Dwarf hedging, good alternative to box.

2L - 70cm high

£5.75 each


Buxus sempervirens


2L - 30cm high

£5.75 each

5L - 60cm high

£9.00 each


Taxus baccata


3L - 70cm high

£7.75 each
(limited stock)

5L - 80cm high

£10.75 each

10L - 1m high

£20.00 each

Prunus Laurocerasus
Common Laurel

5L  75cm -1m high

£9.00 each (limited stock)

10L 1.5m high

£22.00 each

25L 1.5m -1.8m high bushy

£45.00 each

Prunus Lusitanica

Portuguese Laurel

5L - 1m high

£9.00 each

10L - 50cm high

£22.00 each

15L - 1.2m high

£38.00 each

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